Surgery FREE Body Shaping & Slimming

"...the treatment I credit for my youthful complexion and one reason I think people assume I've had a face-lift...Medilift"
- Robin McGraw (#1 New York Times Best Selling Author)

Medilift provides a 5-wave length device that can be used to tone muscles anywhere on the body as well as decrease and mobilize fat in certain areas. This technique is based on the response of muscles to electric stimulation.
"The Shape Of Things To Come"

Get into shape with our innovative Body Shaping and Cellulite technology. Lie back, relax, let us slim you down. Medically proven and results guaranteed.

The Gauci Cellusculpt treatment will help you detoxify your body and refresh your mind - all in the comfort of our conveniently located salons. Treatments offer the latest in aesthetic technology with a foundation in traditional and holistic remedies.

Each complete treatment lasts for 1 hour, leaving you pampered and relaxed. The body treatment smooths away unwanted cellulite by increasing the mobilisation of fatty built areas while the Facial treatment is designed to contour and firm the jawline and smooth years off the forehead, eyes and naso-labial fold. Finish it up with the Detox Tea that will assist with the cleaning process.
"Get Smooth Glowing Skin"

An innovative regenerating, revitalising treatment for all skin types. A series of treatments will help to address fine lines, collagen, open pores, pigmentation and acne scarring. The crystals and organic polish will see your skin take on a new radiance, smoothness and glow.

Micro-dermabrasion skin treatments exfoliate the skin by using state-of-the-art subsystems: a vacuum system, a compressor and a patented hand piece with tubing interlink system that projects micro crystals onto the skin surface in a "sandblasting" type of technique and pulls the crystals back up along with any expunged skin cells. Generally you may require more than one treatment which is discussed during a complimentary consultation with a trained member of staff.

IPL Photorejuvenation Facial

Gauci specialises in photorejuvenation techniques using non-invasive and non-ablative treatment that uses high intensity pulses of visable light to improve the appearance of vascular lesions, pigmented and sun damaged or ageing skin.

IPL Hair Removal - No More Plucking, Waxing Or Shaving....

Gauci light treatment is different to laser, in that it provides superior permanent hair follicle destruction with less pain and discomfort than other progressive permanent hair removal methods. Anyone who has been waxing is truly amazed how superior and easy Gauci Light Hair Removal is for them.