REBUILD BEAUTY FROM WITHIN. For hair that boasts healthy shine and natural elasticity for lasting hair beauty.

The next generation of BC Hairtherapy delivers a new level of performance with the innovative Amino Cell Rebuild technology which identifies damaged cells and specifically rebuilds their architecture.

BC HAIRTHERAPY not only delivers exceptional performance but will delight the senses too. Soft velvety textures and new delicate fragrances create a truly cosmetic and therapeutic experience, an experience you will want to enjoy regulary.
It's commonly known that every skin type needs a specific treatment. The same goes for different hair types: each needing specific care. With BC Bonacure Hairtherapy you are able to have the first personalised hair care program that rebuilds your hair from inside out...for beauty that lasts.
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Hair Type: Chemically and mechanically over-processed hair, distressed hair, thick and unmanageable hair

Benefits from using REPAIR RESCUE: Provides essential protein capable of repairing the internal structural damage to hair. Overall hair elasticity and natural bounce is restored. Prevents split ends.

Hair Type: Normal to slightly sensitised hair, naturally dry, rough, brittle and thirsty hair, Fine unruly hair

Benefits from using MOISTURE KICK: Re-hydrates and provides the perfect moisture balance. The hair recovers elasticity, becomes tangle free, easy to manage and any desired hairstyle can be created with a healthy shine.

Hair Type: Normal to fine limp hair that needs body and volume

Benefits from using VOLUME BOOST: Provide lightweight care with added volume. Fine limp hair is strengthened, lifted with health and renewed with shine.

Hair Type: Imbalanced hair and scalp, greasy scalp prone to product build-up, dandruff evident, stressed scalp

Benefits from DEEP CLEANSING: Cleanses the hair and scalp to remove any grease and product build-up without stripping it of nutrients.
Benefits from DANDRUFF CONTROL: Purifies and removes dandruff from the hair and scalp, preventing reoccurrence. Long-lasting, calmed and healthy scalp.

Hair Type: Frizzy and unruly hair

Benefits from using SMOOTH SHINE: Keeps hair not only caressably soft with an illuminating shine but also rebalance moisture level and repair the inside of the hair.
Smooth Shine

Colour Freeze

Make your color last longer with the new Color Freeze range.

Hair Type: Colour-treated, pre-lightened and highlighted hair, whenever the colour result needs to last, suitable as a home care regime after coloration service

Sulphate Free Shampoo- locks your colour while nourishing & nurturing your hair
Colour Shine Shampoo- restores over processed coloured hair
Spray Conditioner- rebuilds damaged hair from within
Thermo Protect Cream- protects your hair even from the mpst extreme temperature
Post Colour Service- guards your hair against colour fade
Silver Shampoo and COnditioner- enriches your colour with a special concentration of blue/violet pigments

BC Oil Miracle Finishing Treatments are everything a hair oil should be. It is composed of a carrier oil which spreads extremely fine, ensuring that the precious botanical oil is dispersed in a very fine layer -then evaporates while drying. Only the precious oil is left in an ultra-light layer on the hair.

Amazing benefits:
-Opulent shine and caressable softness
-Speeds up blow-drying
-Light-style control
-Anti-frizz protection