For men who won't compromise on their hair, there is [3D]MENSION ...

The first Schwarzkopf brand engineerd 100% for men

Created from scratch, just for men, these care products promise to optimise hair health. A simplified yet targeted range means it's easy to find the right product, from desensitising to deep cleansing to hair boosting. Men can choose from Hair & Body Shampoo, Deep Cleansing Shampoo, Grooming Fluid, Fortifying Tonic, Anti Dandruff Shampoo, Anti Dandruff Tonic, Activating Shampoo, Activating Serum Shots and Sensitive Scalp Shampoo - products that offer effective and stylish solutions.

During extensive research Schwarzkopf listened to men's grooming requirements and identified their three main styling needs - to create, hold, to add texture and to create a matte finish. [3D]MENSION products (Strong Hold Gel, Strong Hold Hair Spray, Molding Wax, Mattifying Cream and Texturizing Cream) fulfill these requirements, making it simple to create the looks men want, without overloading hair.

Just like women, men want to be able to colour their hair. They too want the age-defying, style-revitalising kick delivered by great colour. But what they definitely don't want is an unnatural, solid colour, or to have to choose a romantic shade name, or to sit in the salon for hours.

[3D]MENSION products has been created specifically with men's requirements in mind. Instead of 100% blanket coverage, it blends away greys subtly, meaning the colour is totally natural looking
Shades come with suitably masculine names: Anthracite, Graphite and Chrome, alongside three neutral colours, Dark Wood, Raw Earth and Desert Sand.